Gallery: Singles

Domonic Milesi reaches the top of the climbing wall in Trees Hall on July 2nd 2014.
A drug dealer stands at the top of a public staircase in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.
Nadav Green climbs the steps of Litchfiel Tower C dressed as Kanye West for Halloween on October 31st 2013.
Groomers in snowcats work through the night to get the trails ready for skiers in the morning at Snowmass Mountain on December 30th 2015.
A man plays chess against himself at the train station in Freiburg, Germany on May 11th 2014.
Dylan Royce takes a break between final exams in the hallways of Newton South High School on May 31st 2012.
ROTC cadets gather in formation at the end of their 6:30am PT session in the Bellefield Hall gym on November 14th 2014.
Eilidh, 8, and Mhairi, 7 Edgar are fascinated by an ice sculpture outside on Fifth Ave.