Photo Essay: Ebenezer Baptist Church Celebrates Christmas

The Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, located in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, celebrated Christmas on Friday, Dec. 18 with song and dance. The church was established in 1875 and has had less than a dozen pastors since.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church celebrates Christmas with song and dance on Friday December 18th.
Deborah Hollis leads the Ebenezer Community Choir.
The youngest member of the choir joins in the singing of Christmas songs.
The New Horizon Mime and Praise Dance Ministry performs Go Tell It on the Mountain.
Marcia Donell reacts to hearing church member recount recent miracles in their lives.
Deborah Collier adds dance to music sung by Deborah Hollis.
Children fill the isles for the final performance of the night.
Joyce takes in the first snowfall of the year in Pittsburgh which coated the ground during the performance.